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Malawi appoints new Chief Elections Officer: Sammy Alfandika

The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has announced the  appointment of Sammy Njirammadzi Alfandika as Chief Elections Officer effective to replace Willie Kalonga who was fired over financial  abuse the electoral body.


In a statement signed by MEC  Chairperson Dr. Jane Ansah SC,  Alfandika’s appointment is effective 2nd
January 2018.

“The Malawi Electoral Commission is informing all electoral stakeholders and the general public tha in accordance with Section 12 of the Electoral Commission Act, it has appointed Mr. Sammy
Njiram’madzi Alfandika as Chief Elections Officer effective January 2, 2018” reads the statement.

The statement further reveals that the appointment follows rigorous interview process conducted between 21st and 22nd December 2017 where Alfandika came out the best candidate.

“The role of Chief Elections Officer is vital on the management of electoral process and the commission has no dought that Mr. Alfandika has the right skills and experience to deliver in this important role,”
said Ansah in the statement.

Adds the statement: “The commission congratulates Mr. Alfandika on his appointment and wishes him well in the implementation of MEC’s mandate of delivering free, fair, transparent, inclusive, cost-effective and
credible elections as a beacon of democracy” concludes the statement.

Alfandika has served in different elections and public administration positions.

He holds BSoc and MA (Economics) degrees obtained from the University of Malawi (UNIMA).



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It never rains but pours for the Auction Holding Limited as a whooping K 1.6 billion has grown wings and cannot be traced , at one of its subsidiaries Limbe Leaf. According to an audit report, the rot at Auction Holdings has resulted in billions of missing. This has in turn led to the firing of a Mr. Kasambala, the of CEO of the AHL. The board chair Willie Matabwa is also implicated in the report. There is also a possibility that several individuals are likely to be fired and dragged to court for gross negligence, abuse of office and theft.

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That MCP is accusing PP MPs for being bribed K150,000 each to  vote against the 50+1 bill is a silly argument. 

But it is not strange coming from MCP.

MCP has FAILURE in its DNA. There is never a time it has accepted defeat and blamed itself for failing. It ALWAYS blames others. That's what born LOSERS do.

Blaming government for bribing PP MPs with  K150,000 to vote against 50+1 is the way of MCP. It has a history of never looking at itself when it has failed.

In the past 24 years, Malawi has held five general elections. In each one of those, MCP has lost. Not in one of those times has MCP blamed itself for losing. It has blamed the winning party for rigging.

MCP refuses to accept that it is failing to reform to conform to the spirit of democracy. In this day and age, it is the only party that hounds its members that criticise its leadership. 

MCP refuses to accept that it is still a tribal grouping that can't extend its reach beyond the Central region. That is why all shadow cabinet ministers Lazarus Chakwera has appointed are from the Central region.

When it fails in the North and South and in the East where people feel the party does not represent them because it never reaches out to them, it blames others for the failure.

In the 2014 elections, Chakwera and his party lost to DPP and President Peter Mutharika. The party blamed DPP for rigging. It failed to admit that it did not offer an impressive manifesto. 

In addition, Chakwera chose not to acknowledge that his campaign in the South was one trip along M1 Road, u-turning in Blantyre heading towards Zomba City and then on Liwonde- Mangochi road and back to Lilongwe. It was a whistle stop along the main roads. He could not acknowledge that. He could not admit that voters do not stay in the street. He blamed DPP for the loss and not that MCP did not speak to people.

Now comes the 50+1 bill. Who does MCP blame?   Government and PP MPs. They are claiming that government bribed PP MPs with K150, 000 each to reject the bill. Even a child knows this is a silly argument.

MCP can't ask itself critical questions: Was the agenda we have been  pursuing in the public interest? Did we understand what we were doing in pushing for the bill? Does democracy mean that our position is the only one that is right and is the one to be accepted by everyone else? Did we do enough to educate others on what we were pushing for?

It doesn't, but blame everyone else. That's why every development which people see this government making, Chakwera sees failure on it. 

It is out of the same failure mentality that Lazarus Chakwera looks at all the development happening in the country and sees failure.

MCP has read all the signs and realised that they will fail in 2019. They know they cannot win a national election. 

That is why they are using PAC to undermine Government so that they can come into power via the backdòor.

Such is  the MENTALITY of a LOSER. He wants shortcuts. He coats everything others are doing with failure to make their case. He blames others for own failure, even if it means advancing a very cheap and silly argument in defence.

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President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has said foreign direct investments are a vital catalyst for the country’s development.

Speaking on Tuesday during the ground breaking ceremony for the Sogecoa Business Park site at Chichiri in Blantyre, Mutharika said foreign direct investments, particularly from the Chinese Government have proved to be crucial to the country’s development.

Mutharika observed that the Sogecoa facility was a symbol of progress for Blantyre City Council whose growth had stagnated. He said the city would continue to grow again to stand tall as the country’s vibrant commercial hub.

“For sometime Blantyre stopped growing and now time has come for the country’s commercial city to start growing again – thanks to the Chinese whose investment will help in creating jobs and wealth,” Mutharika said.     

“The construction of the Sogecoa Golden Peacock Five-Star Hotel will also return the lost glory of the once Mighty Blantyre City. The magnificent building, once completed, will also beautify the city of Blantyre and Malawi as a whole,” he said.

Mutharika commended the Chinese Government for the tremendous work it was doing to strengthen the bilateral relationship between the two countries, citing the construction of Parliament Building, Bingu National Stadium and Malawi University of Science and Technology, among others.

The Malawian leader, therefore, outlined some of the major development programmes his administration has put in place for the city of Blantyre citing the construction of a dual carriage road from the Clock Tower to Chileka International Airport and a ring road from Chileka through Magalasi all the way to Chinyonga – Michiru and back to Chileka.

He said construction of the two roads would start in January 2018 since resources for the project had already been identified, noting that Chileka Airport would also be upgraded to fit international standards. 

“My government will also construct a 106 kilometre ring road from Chileka through Lunzu, Chigumula to Limbe. The DPP – led government will also construct a new stadium at Njamba Freedom Park and rehabilitate the Kamuzu Stadium from January 2018. In fact the artificial turf is already on the way,’’ the President said.

He, therefore, appealed to people in the country to maintain peace, saying it was necessary for the country’s prosperity and that government launched the National Peace Architecture which would operate at all governance structures to promote the same across the country.

Mutharika also expressed satisfaction with the country’s economic performance, describing it as stable, which would attract more investors to Malawi in the process.

“I am very optimistic that an improved economy is possible. We took over government when there was cash-gate. That year, there was also low crop production due to floods and we set out on zero – supported budget,” he said.

“But I am pleased that now there are some good indicators because inflation and interest rates are down and we have adequate foreign exchange reserves,” added Mutharika.    

On this note, Mutharika emphasised that the DPP – led government had always enjoyed cordial working relations with various religions in the country, saying some disgruntled politicians were working with religious bodies to bring down his government.

He, therefore, advised Malawians not take to the streets whenever there was a dispute but instead should remain calm and resolve issues amicably.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Henry Mussa said the construction of the five-star hotel was in line with the DPP government manifesto which indicated that it would construct such a facility in Blantyre City.

“We are slowly writing a new page in the history of Malawi’s development programme. The construction of the five-star hotel will go a long way in absorbing the many graduating students from various community technical colleges that have been established,” Mussa said.

“The hospitality industry is indeed bringing in a lot of investors as demonstrated in this Sogecoa project,” Mussa added while encouraging more Chinese companies to come to invest in Malawi.

In his remarks, Chinese Ambassador to Malawi, Shi –Ting Wang expressed gratitude on the sound bilateral relationship existing between China and Malawi. He reminded Malawians the two countries were celebrating 10 years of cooperation.

The Chinese Ambassador pledged his country’s continued support to various development initiatives taking place in Malawi.

Earlier, Executive Vice President for Anhui Foreign Economic Construction (Group) Company said the construction of the Five-Star Sogecoa Golden Peacock Hotel marks 10 years of China’s investments in Malawi.

The Sogecoa Business Park will among other things comprise an international class shopping mall, a big conference room, a casino, 210-room hotel and two modern restaurants.





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President Professor Peter Mutharika has said his government would remain resolved to making Malawi green again as one way of restoring the country’s natural resources, especially forests.

Mutharika made the commitment on Monday during the launch of the 2017/18 National Forestry Season at Mwanza Catholic Primary School ground in the area of Traditional Authority Nthache in the district.

He said it was imperative to restore forest vegetative cover as one way of managing the environment and conserve other natural resources like soil and water.

“This is why I am deliberately putting on a green shirt to underscore the point of making Malawi green and ever green like it was the case before we created all the deforestation,” Mutharika added. 

The Malawian leader said the importance of trees to human life could not be overemphasized since they were a source of rainfall and also prevent natural disasters such as floods.

Mutharika, therefore, deplored the tendency of setting bushfires, describing such practices as harmful to environment.

On this point, Mutharika hailed the private sector such as Airtel Malawi for taking a positive role in assisting government to restore the natural environment.

“I would like to commend Airtel for donating K4.5 million towards this year’s planting season. They have also provided 34,000 seedlings which will be planted across the country,” he said.

He, therefore, asked other partners to emulate the example set by Airtel in an effort to make the country green once again.

Commenting on national development agenda, the Malawian leader assured people in the country government has lined up a number of development programmes to be implemented in different parts of the country to improve the quality of life for its people.

He reminded Malawians of the achievements government has made in infrastructure development, citing the construction of Chapananga–Mwanza and Tsangano–Neno roads, and in health and education among other sectors.

On this note, Mutharika appealed for patience from Malawians, noting that development was a gradual process.

However, Mutharika said there are some people who would want to promote personal agenda under the guise of religious groupings by influencing others to demonstrate against his government.

“We will not allow anyone to take government through the back door. If anyone wants to rule this country they should wait for democratic elections in 2019. For now I will not accept lawlessness because that is not acceptable in any democratic environment,” he warned.                                        

He also said his administration has instituted different forums where communities can seek support should they feel that their rights have been infringed by anyone.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Natural Resources, Energy and Mining, Aggrey Masi hailed the President for championing the cause of restoring natural resources, particularly forests as demonstrated in his leadership during the launch.

Masi disclosed that at least 60 million seedlings have been targeted to be planted this season nationwide.

“As you all may be aware, this is an annual event whose aim is to emphasize the importance of natural resources and forests in general. 60 million trees have been earmarked to be planted this year alone,” Masi said, adding that Malawi was part of the Global Environmental Campaign to afforest 4.5 million hectares.


At the function the President and the First Lady Dr. Gertrude Mutharika planted two mbawa and tangerine trees each. The theme for this year’s planting season is: ‘Restore forests – protect the environment.’

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